Ayurveda therapy for Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis patient cured by Dr.Raghavan

This was the first patient with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) treated and cured by Dr.Raghavan, when there was no treatment available in India.

Patient case history:
A 27 year old male patient with diagnosis of Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (SPMS) was presented to Vaidyaratnam Dr. Raghavan Ramankutty in the year 1998.
The patient had been suffering from neurological symptoms since the age of 8 years. He was diagnosed with MS in the year 1987. He had remitting relapsing MS (RRMS) in the beginning but frequency of attacks increased after some time. He use to have acute attacks every 2 months for which steroids (wysolone; betnosol) were prescribed, which improved the symptoms to some extent. The disease was progressing slowly and gradually. The Patient became highly depressed while fighting with the symptoms of disease and side effects of the drugs.

The Patient was referred after 10 years by his consultant, certified neurologist, Dr. Madhusoodan to Dr. Raghavan’s center at Kanjoor, Kerala.

Chief Complaints
Bilateral Loss of vision (optic atrophy); weakness of left side of the body; loss of hand grip; complete loss of power on the left side of the body; tingling sensation in both the lower limbs; difficulty in walking; extreme difficulty in taking steps even with support. He use to lose balance and kept falling on the left-side. He had difficulty in passing urine; vertigo especially on changing positions; slurring of speech; abnormal involuntary movement of head towards right side; increased head spasticity during cold weather; extreme tightness of muscles, extreme fatigue, weakness and tiredness; and depression.

Ayurveda treatment:
Dr. Raghavan Ramankutty prescribed a khasyam (liquid herbal decoction) to be made every day at home and powder medicines (Herbal) for one year, and in-patient treatment for 4 years (3 month each).

His symptoms significantly improved over 1 year of Ayurveda Therapy. He is completely cured, and the follow-up over 10 years showed that he is leading a normal life. His quality of life has improved significantly. After recovery he secured a degree in teaching, got employment as a teacher, got married and has three children

Skills needed:
Ayurvedic Powder, khasyam

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